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Psychic/Medium Thomas John's Monthly Energy Profile for August

August has a positive and loving energy to it and definitely calmer than July. The energy profile of August seems calm, relaxed, and easy. I would expect in this month you will face little in the way of obstacles or blocks as you move forward with projects. An energy theme that comes up this month is about new beginnings. Remember, that 2020 was a year of trials and tests. 20201 is really the year of manifestation, positivity, and high energy. Things are going to be happening in 2021 at a high velocity rate. Several of the energy profiles thus far have explained about how the energy surrounding time is really shifting. This month, in particular, is critical if you want to begin something new in your life. I feel that we will all be experiencing cycles of newness during the month of August, into September. Finally, I want to talk about a crucial theme I see that comes up in August, but also was part of earlier months, and by this point in the year, you might have already seen a lot of this already coming up. But I want to talk about in August because I see it in a BIG WAY in August, but again, you might have already seen or felt pieces with it. The energy and frequency I am seeing is the rise of the BLENDING of SCIENCE AND INTUITION. This is a powerful energy that is a HUGE part of 2021. We are going to see these worlds, which have long been separate, intimately connected. This has the potential for HUGE change in our life as we build on these major strengths.

Things to be open to or hopeful of:

Try and make this month a very positive month. We are at the end of summer and the shift towards positivity and love should be easier to obtain. Remember, new beginnings can be formed this month and manifest them! Things to be aware or cautious of: Keep your projects in check. Make sure you constantly work on whatever you want your new beginnings to be. Don’t let negativity creep in, make sure to stay positive. The energy of this month will be intense, fast moving and high velocity. Specifically, be careful around August 10, August 23, and August 24 as intense energy systems.

My personal affirmation

This is my personal affirmation given to me by Thomas John. He advocates saying affirmations and feels they work if said daily.

"I am important - I give myself the care and attention that I deserve."

Predictions for 2021

The above work is copyrighted by Thomas John for entertainment purposes only and is presented here without charge for your personal enlightenment.

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World Predictions

Roaring Fork

by Thomas John

Please Note: I am a spiritual teacher and not a political analyst. I do not include my personal beliefs when I am doing psychic or mediumistic predictions. Please do not tell me you are disappointed or upset because of what I see and sense. I cannot control what spirit gives me.

These are predictions, not political ideology statements. Please respect my personal request to NOT send me your political thoughts on things as a response to receiving this guide. The global predictions that I receive are often images, sentences, headlines that I see in my mind that are flashes, so I am not always 100% sure what I am seeing.

How to use Prophecy

Prophecy has been around since the beginning of time. It is easy to read these predictions and get overwhelmed, feel stressed or become anxious. However, remember, you are going to be in life where you are meant to be. Everything is within our soul contract. Even though I do have many things in my predictions, which might be scary or sad, if you are meant to be safe and fine you will be. Often, exit points are something that are planned and predestined before we even come here, so reading a prediction about something that might seem scary or negative is likely to not change that outcome. Please remember, this guide is meant to be a hopeful, positive, blessing, NOT something that stresses you out!


  • Banks fall in love with BITCOIN and have a massive increase in price. This will be a great investment, as it will be really increasing over the next 10 years before it goes through a massive crash. The housing market continues to soar with people buying real estate investment property and expanding their homes. Housing becomes the new gold standard.
  • I see many problems in the life insurance industry.
  • Some job sectors experience major growth, while others face challenges. Jobs in tech and bio/pharm continue to soar. A move towards a “global currency” happens in a major way, where there is one universal currency. I hear something about the dollar possibly being replaced.

The United States & World

  • The United States economy continues strong. I see stock market records throughout 2021. I see the creation of a massive amount of jobs in the technology industry.
  • I see a really bad energy around Facebook. I have felt this for about 2 years, and I feel there will be major revelations about negative things going on there.
  • I see a "crashing down" energy related to Scientology, and for some reason, I see Scientologists meeting in Senate chambers.
  • I see a LGBTQ+ “Me Too Movement" where gay celebrities are exposed for sexual assault.
  • Cities will still feel weird and isolated for some time as we continue to navigate a post-pandemic world. Cities will slash budgets, public transportation budgets, etc. I really see this lasting for quite some time.
  • There is a very tense energy with China. I feel that even though Joe Biden has years of political experience, and often portrays a diplomatic approach to things, he will have a lot of difficulty with this country. I see a lot of intense negotiations happening.
  • We are going to see that people rely less on cars and more on bikes and walking. I don’t know what the cause of this is, but I definitely see it. You will start to see cities within cities and neighborhoods will become more “city-like”.
  • Joe Biden faces criticism and critiques from the distant past. I know people bring up his health a lot, but overall, I think he’s very healthy. When I tuned into his chakras and energy system, I saw nothing around death with him. In fact, I sense he will live into his 90s.
  • Nancy Pelosi faces negative reviews from constituents. The energy I feel is that people are fed up with her and are over her.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell trades less time for name in Blockbuster plea.
  • Health care costs continue to increase despite resolution.
  • Major food shortages come up very big. People living on farms, making their own food. Even people in their own homes trying to grow food.
  • Support for climate action and regulation from both political parties, Democrats and Republicans. There will be increasing amounts of Republicans supporting climate change bills and it will become less of a political issue.
  • Supreme Court chips away at abortion rights, though Roe v. Wade remains.
  • Trump does major rebranding and buys a TV network. I see him heavily involved with Chris Ruddy.
  • I see major protests concerning guns and violence. I feel that several types of guns will be outlawed or required to have major permits.
  • I keep hearing “The Trial of the Century.” I am not getting much more information on that, but stay tuned!
  • Terrorist acts in Florida (for some reason - Florida). Florida comes up as very unsafe, maybe there should be caution at Disney, and Clearwater seems like a terrorist hot bed.


  • Continued shifts in weather. Cold temperatures on the West Coast, lots of wind and tornadoes in the Southwest, and unpredictable weather in New England and New York (cold streaks during the summer, lots of rain, hurricanes, etc).
  • Extreme weather in Europe and unexpected rains.
  • Strange blizzard/rain situations in the winter where rapid temperature changes allow for heavy snow, then right into rain.
  • Trouble with rain in Canada (not sure the meaning of this, I heard it as a headline though).

Health & Technology

  • Telemedicine continues to soar and expand.
  • Vegan Revolution: Mass exodus from meat.
  • Electric cars receive a major “boost” and federal backing.
  • Mars in the news over and over.
  • Super fast trains and super speed airplanes launch pilot programs to test things out.
  • Cancer can be zapped away ... just “freeze” it.
  • Robots take over in health care and deliver impeccable services.
  • Climate change conversation focus switches from cars to “dirty” buildings.
  • Extra Terrestrials make contact in a suspicious way, but they want to help and guide.
  • Science discovery reveals cells have been “misunderstood completely."
  • Advances in age reversal could result in immediate results of 10-20 year life-span increase.
  • Major advances in HIV medications and cures, including a possible “cure all.”
  • Food revolution continues to claim sugar as a major killer, moving toward laws being passed regarding limiting sugar in foods.
  • Dialysis and kidney work makes a lot of progress, eliminating the disease.

Celebrities & Entertainment

  • Health issues with Adele.
  • I see Betty White in the news a lot.
  • Katy Perry focuses a lot on expanding her career, helping children, lots of positive energy around her. Baby energy, too!
  • TikTok celeb transfers over to network TV and makes a MAJOR SPLASH.
  • The Royal Family has major Scientology ties.
  • Britney Spears quits music career and slips away from the limelight.
  • Tracee Ellis Ross signs a big deal and falls in love.
  • Lori Lightfoot is surrounded in drama.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio has romantic woes.
  • Major drama around Shaun White.
  • Drake and a baby.
  • Woman mayor in NYC.
  • Turmoil around Kim Kardashian.
  • Kris Jenner plans her own private wedding.


Roaring Fork

Bashar is channelled by Darryl Anka. This is a snippet from his recent transmission, A Step Along the Way.

Everything happens by synchronicity. So there’s nothing that doesn’t happen by synchronicity. It’s just that you’re not clear about the fact that there are two kinds of synchronicity. The first kind most of you are familiar with. That’s the one you normally talk about. The synchronicity of something being brought to you that’s an opportunity to act on, but the other kind of synchronicity is the kind of synchronicity that actually prevents you from acting on things that are not appropriate for you act on at that particular moment, and that’s why it’s always synchronicity. Because synchronicity is not only just to use a simplistic analogy, it’s not only the gas pedal saying, “go ahead,” it’s also the brake saying, “no, you can’t go this way right now. You need to stay where you are or you need to look for some other avenue that is now something you are able to do because you’re not able to do this, right now.” So the balance between the synchronicity that says take this action and the synchronicity that says do not act in this direction is your guiding principle in life and that’s why synchronicity is also an organizing principle because it’s really keeping you on the straight and narrow by saying yes, no, yes, no, no, yes, no, yes. It’s allowing you to move through a particular path that is you by not only allowing you to move forward but also preventing you from moving forward in certain ways that are not appropriate.

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Brain-wash yourself with something good.

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Abraham is channelled by Esther Hicks. This is a channelling entitled Rampage of Happiness from YouTube's Reinvent Yourself.

The above work is copyrighted by Abraham-Hicks and is presented here without charge for your personal enlightenment.

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Roaring Fork

The tarot card reading that I did for August revealed that many of the people that passed from CoVID are now ready to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. If you have lost someone to CoVID, find a reputable medium and start this connection. They have much to say to you about what is going on. There will be disappointments this month, and there could be a defeated energy around you. Hold on, regroup, 'cuz Scarlet, September is another day, er, month. Things should brighten up considerably. To see this tarot reading, click here.

Gemstones for the month of August

Chrome Diopside and Ruby Zoisite or a similar green stone. These are meant to attract money. Things may be a little lean in August. Money attraction can be a big help. Chrome Diopside is also thought to be able to improve intellect and encourages the desire of one to learn. According to metaphysical beliefs, chrome diopside is used to help alleviate aggression or stubbornness while in turn enhancing love and commitment. Ruby Zoisite also holds vibrant energies that will boost the neural and energetic connection between your heart and your brain. It symbolizes strong and deep feelings, as well as energy and passion. It will give you the energy to balance opposing forces so that you will stay on top of controlling relationships.

August Moons

New Moon in August is on the 8th. Prepare a rampage of intention or create an energy grid on this date.

The Full Moon in August rises on August 22 bringing skywatchers a rare seasonal "Blue Moon." This full moon is also known as the "Sturgeon Moon." Prepare to receive the products of your intentions. Allow, allow, allow.


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